Image of Alchenemy game box, sample cards in play
Image of Alchenemy game box, sample cards in play

Alchenemy - a card game of turning lead into gold

You have long been an Alchemist,

attempting to control Nature, commanding crude Matter "Transmute" into purer substances; substances that will bring you knowledge, wisdom, and possibly gobs of money.

But times are tough in The Kingdom. Budget cuts have pared the Monarch's staff to the bone. The Royal Exchequer, enraged by a lack of results and bloated Laboratory budgets, has demanded all Alchemists demonstrate their ability: the one who makes the most Coin for the Treasury shall become the Royal Alchemist, the rest shall be fired. The Alchemists' skills and wits will be challenged, for even as they wrestle with Nature they must beware each other; every colleague has Alchenemy.

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What kind of game is it?

Alchenemy combines elements of resource management (cards that count towards winning can be discarded to perform actions), “take that!” (inevitably, someone breaks out the Aqua Regia and dissolves something you were really attached to), and a novel mechanic that gives players some control over when the game ends: you choose whether to draw from a common, limitless deck of basic resources or a limited, personal deck of more powerful cards – with the catch that the game ends when any personal stack is exhausted.

How do you play?

Starting with only Air, Earth, Fire, and Water as ingredients, play Formula cards from your hand to make valuable Materials. These Materials are worth Coin towards winning, but can also be used as ingredients for Formulas that steal, transform, destroy or regenerate cards; you must use them wisely!



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"Alchenemy is easy to learn, provides a fun mix of strategy and luck, and has enough variety in its simple design to keep you coming back..." See the full review here.


The Rules

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Video Examples

Helpful videos on setting up and playing Alchenemy


Complete card texts and counts, original art concepts, card evolution, and more here

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